The benefits of artificial turf outweigh the cost and saves you time and money year after year. Here some of the artificial grass benefits.

No Watering

Sod requires daily watering in order to keep it healthy and green. Some sod lawn owners water in the morning and again in the evening. What happens to the health of your sod lawn if your area is under water restrictions? Artificial grass never requires watering.

No Irrigation Required

If you are considering sod, you better be planning to install and maintain an irrigation system. You cannot maintain healthy sod with a hose and sprinkler. Since artificial turf doesn’t require water, you can save your money on an irrigation system.

No Mowing

Sod lawns require mowing. If you don’t do it yourself, you must consider the cost of a lawn service. If you do it yourself, consider the cost of the lawnmower, gas, maintenance, and your time. All of that goes away with fake grass.

No Fertilizers, Weed-killers or Pesticides

Fertilizer, weed-killer, and pesticide is necessary to maintain a heathy sod lawn. Some areas restrict the use of fertilizer during certain time of the year. Artificial turf doesn’t require these chemicals, saving you time and money.

Safe for Children & Pets

Fertilizer, weed-killer, and pesticide can be harmful to children and pets. Artificial grass doesn’t require any of these making it safer for your family.

Always Looks Great

Artificial lawns look great year-round. Artificial turf will stay green for many years. No more brown lawns during the winter or dry season.

For all the reasons above, the artificial grass benefits truly outweigh the cost. Artificial turf will save you a lot of time that would be necessary for a sod lawn. It will also save you money in irrigation, water, lawn service, fertilizer, weed-killer, and pesticide.

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