Doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or professional golfer, wouldn’t it be cool to have your own golf putting green in your backyard? Improve your golf game by practicing your chipping and putting anytime you want. Here are the benefits of an artificial grass putting green.

Sod vs Artificial Grass putting Green

So you want a backyard golf putting green. Now you need to decide real grass vs fake grass. Unless you are going to hire a greens keeper, you need artificial grass. Maintaining real grass greens is a science and not something you have the time or money.

Improve Your Game

Having your own putting green will allow you to practice chipping and putting at home instead of hiking to the golf course. You can practice at your convenience without any commute. Artificial greens are designed to react like the green at the golf course, so you can master your golf green game.

Design Your Own

With an artificial grass putting green, you can design your own. You can choose the shape, size, and challenge level.

Low Maintenance

With an artificial turf putting green, there is low to no maintenance. No watering. No mowing. No fertilizer. You may have to blow or sweep off the leaves and debris.

Home Value

An artificial putting green may had value to your home especially in the southern states. It at least gives you an edge with a golf enthusiast homebuyer.


Entertaining people at your home? A backyard golf putting green provides tons of entertainment even for those that are not golfers. You have your own putt-putt in your backyard!

Tough Turf Artificial Grass Putting Greens Projects.

Here are some of the artificial turf golf putting greens we installed installed in the Tampa Bay area.

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