Pets are part of our families. We love them and want the best for them. Even when they get all muddy in the yard and track it in the house, we still love them. What if we told you could eliminate the muddy mess and other health issues associated with grass yards? Artificial pet grass is the answer.

Do you realize all of the things we use to keep our real grass lawns looking good are harmful to our beloved pets? The fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers, and other chemicals used on our lawn are in direct contact with your pets. These chemicals can cause caustic burns, skin irrigations, or issues resulting from ingestion while cleaning their paws or skin. No more harmful chemicals with artificial pet grass.

Do your pets continuously lick their paws? In addition to sensitivity to the chemicals, your pet may be allergic to your real grass. Many dogs and cats suffer from skin allergies to grass. You can spend hundreds of dollars at the vet or let artificial pet turf put an end to pet grass allergies.

Artificial Pet Grass Benefits

  • Durable enough to prevent digging
  • No more mud
  • Liquids drain faster than sod
  • Prevents odors due to deodorizing infill
  • No more chemicals in contact with your pet
  • No more yellow dead spots
  • Pest free
  • Easy clean-up

Dogs, cats, and other pets love artificial pet turf. You’ll love it too. No more mowing, watering, and maintaining a real lawn. That’s more time you can spend with your pet.

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