Tired of those muddy paw prints? Is Max constantly digging holes and ruining the lawn? Pet turf is your answer and Tough Turf, Fields & Lawns has you covered!

At Tough Turf, we know your pets are part of the family. Their health and safety are very important to you and your family. Pet Turf is safer than real grass lawns as it eliminates pests, no need for harmful pesticides, no need for fertilizers all of which could affect your pets health.

In addition to providing a safer environment, you will enjoy the freedom of maintaining a real grass lawn. No more mowing, no more watering, and no more lawn treatments. You will be saving time and money which you can use to spoil your furbaby.

Believe us, Max and your family will love their artificial lawn!
Perfect for dog runs, pet facilities/clinics and doggy day cares.

  • Dog Run Turf is durable enough to prevent from digging.
  • No more muddy dirt pits.
  • Reduces clean up time AND no more dirty, muddy paws!
  • Liquids will drain right through the turf even faster than natural sod.
  • Pet deodorizing infill will prevent buildup of odors.
  • No more dead patchy areas.
  • Pest Free – thus eliminating the need for harmful pesticides!
  • No grass allergy or hay fever